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Mobile Computer Repair Service Charlotte NC

Welcome to Computer Doc; the leading provider of the highest quality mobile computer repair service in the area. We specialize in the repair of a wide array of mobile computers, data collection, PDAs, tablet computers, smartphones, mobile printers, and tablet computers. Our devoted teams of technicians have decades of expertise in the data capture & mobile computing repair serve.

From Computer Doc`s repair facility, our professional in-house specialists repair more than 600 devices every month for a diverse client base spanning various industries including local government, manufacturing, transport, distribution, software, field service, retail & healthcare. Besides, Computer Doc is a fully accredited & qualified computer repair center. Our clients who are located all over the Charlotte area receive a quick 3 to 5 working days turnaround time.

As the premier providers of leading mobile computer repair service in the region, we provide our customers with a free of charge evaluation, flexible repair service options, white label branding, and very competitive rates. This, combined with our technicians` passion for continuously delivering the highest quality computer repairs, quick turnaround times, and excellent customer services enables us to exceed the expectations of our clients consistently. This has actually resulted in a continuous growth of our client base yearly.

Why Choose Us

Admittedly, an extensive range of factors enables us to beat our competitors. Some of the reasons why Computer Doc is the best mobile computer repair service provider in the region include the following:

• Our Experience

Computer Doc was founded many years ago. Since then, our business has been delivering the best quality computer repair services. We have served thousands of customers since we began offering computer repair services. Therefore, the many years that we have been in the computer repair business, coupled with the many customers that we have served has enabled us to gain the necessary experience to serve our customers better.

• Excellent Customer Service

We have teams of customer support representatives who are well-trained and experienced. Besides, our customer care reps are friendly, courteous, and approachable. They are always standing by to receive any calls from our customers.

• Competitive Prices

Computer Doc offers affordable mobile computer repair services. However, we don’t compromise the quality of our services. We always deliver the highest quality computer repair services at affordable rates.

Computer Doc, the top provider of quality mobile computer repair services in the industry.

Mobile Computer Repair Service